Clean College Campus

Clean Campus

Project Holder: Sadaf Hussain, St. Xavier’s College,
Ranchi, ESPSM(Part 1),Advertising

Vision: Campus Cleanliness

Mission: Involve maximum number of students to maintain cleanliness up their college campuses

Objective: To make our college campuses pollution free

Rationale: We clean our homes why not college campuses??

Venue: College campus

Time Period: May-September

Collaborators: FOF Group

a) Talking to students
b) Organising workshops on Campus Cleanliness
c) Canteen Awareness
d) By placing Dustbins
e) By the technique of Gandhigiri / Social embarrassment
f) Writing up the names of the defaulters in college notice boards,
and have a kind of database for the same.



  1. Manoj said,

    Who monitors the Campus Discipline at St. Xavier’s College?

    * Students attending classes , meetings, or other gatherings within the college campus are expected to be presentably dressed in accordance with the approved etiquette.
    * Students are strictly forbidden to smoke in the college premises or near the gate, to write or make any mark on the wall or desks, throw paper or ink about the floors of the classroom or corridors.
    * Student are not allowed to freak out or stand about the verandahs or corridors of the college during class hours.
    * Students are not allowed to gather near the gate of the college or in the entrance premises between the gate and the hall.
    * Chewing pan or eating pan-masalas and smoking is strictly forbidden in the college campus.
    * The college reserve the right to dismiss at any time a student for serious indiscipline.
    * Students are not allowed to keep their cell-phone and Walkman on when the classes are going on.

  2. anutasha said,

    Hello Sadaf,

    Appointing Monitors/Prefects as a part of Students Cleanliness committee could be of some help in order to put a check on the Defaulters.

    It would be better if the Student body of your College could have a discussion with the Admin regarding the said issue as well.

    With regards to the strategy of Social embarrassment, contacts can be tapped from media(Radio FM)

  3. Deeksha Sharma said,

    Hey Sadaf,

    I am glad that you have started work on your project and that you are locating more sites for dust bins etc to be had around. Good work!

  4. hey all said,

    Thanks to all am glad that you all are taking interest in my project.
    I had completed with my planning work and now in a week or two i’ll be starting my project.
    Thanks for your support

  5. rajul said,

    hey gr88 gng ….. please give me some details of how u are gng ahead with it….. as m keen on implementing d same thing in my college campus from the next session which starts in july….

  6. anutasha said,

    This project can be taken up by other project holders as well in their respective colleges as Rajul points out.. Good start.

    All the best to Sadaf!

  7. sadaf said,

    hey thnx again….
    bcoz of my xamination, i m taking a li’l bit time in starting my project.

    bt m done with the sites, where i want the dustbins to be placed and the core team members who will be helping me during this project.
    As there’ll be summer vacation in our college for two long month and our administration would not help or entertain me as they’ll b busy in admission and other stuff, but still i’ll try to start my project from june or july.

    Thanks 2 all

    meanwhile i had competed campaign which i was talking about.

    • anutasha said,

      Thanks for the updates Sadaf:)

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